Alexander Shahorsky

Senior Software Engineer

As a specialist in web application development, I bring profound expertise in both frontend and backend domains, with a strong emphasis on React.js and Ruby on Rails. My depth of knowledge spans across various technology stacks, ensuring seamless interoperability and a solid command of related tools and technologies. I am passionately devoted to developing user-centric interfaces, with a focus on clean, efficient, and rapid designs that significantly improve user experience and engagement. My approach is a blend of technical skill and a dedicated emphasis on crafting intuitive and visually striking digital solutions.

Work Experience


Frontend Engineer Nov 2021 - Present

Working on support & development of internal tools based on web technology. Mostly focusing on React-powered frontend but also touching some Ruby on Rails powered backend stuff.

Code Art

Full Stack Engineer May 2020 - 2021-10-31

Specialized in frontend web development, primarily using React.js, with occasional contributions to Node.js-based backends across various projects. Developed a mobile-first frontend application with React.js and Material-UI for FlexGolf Fundraisers, a startup enabling online organization, promotion, and tracking of golf tournaments. Engineered a React.js web application incorporating a Fabric.js interactive whiteboard for Reading with TLC Studio, an innovative e-learning platform. Improved and expanded both public-facing and back-office applications for a social media management and automation platform, enhancing functionality and user experience.

WEGO Health

Frontend Engineer Mar 2019 - 2020-05-31

Developed a mobile-optimized frontend application for a social media platform, focusing on user experience and responsiveness. Created a corresponding back-office application to enhance platform management and backend operations.


Frontend Engineer Nov 2017 - 2019-03-31

Contributed to the development of a beauty services booking platform, focusing on modernizing the legacy frontend. Led the transition from a Backbone.js-based application to a contemporary React.js framework, incorporating new features and enhancements.

Full Stack Engineer Jun 2016 - 2017-09-30

Specialized in the maintenance and enhancement of an SMM platform utilizing a Ruby on Rails backend and Angular.js frontend. Engaged in extensive collaboration to integrate various third-party APIs, achieving seamless functionality and system interoperability.

Itransition Group

Software Engineer Sep 2011 - 2016-05-31

I joined Itransition as a Junior Software Engineer after completing their 2-month-long bootcamp. Initially, my focus was on web development using Ruby on Rails. Over these nearly 5 years, I advanced to hold both technical and team leadership roles in various projects. Additionally, I provided mentorship to interns who joined the company. My technology focus gradually shifted toward the frontend area. I played a significant role in pushing the teams I worked with to gain expertise in developing more complex frontend applications, utilizing modern frameworks such as Backbone.js. Later, we also transitioned to React in its very early days.

Bamboo mobi

System Administration Feb 2011 - 2011-08-31

Provided comprehensive support for telecom-specific software, encompassing database servers and custom in-house applications. Initiated my career in software engineering by designing and implementing tools to automate content management processes.